Shops & Services

As the county’s urban hub, St. Thomas offers many of the same shops, services and amenities you will find in metropolitan areas. Each region also has several towns offering necessities and services.


All major Canadian banks have branches in the St. Thomas area and many have locations in the county, making it easy to transfer seamlessly. If you do not have a Canadian bank account, ask about any available promotions for newcomers that can help you get started.

Food & Grocery

Large grocery stores stocking international ingredients are open alongside independent grocers stocking local products. As St. Thomas-Elgin is home to some of the best farmland in Canada, it is equally convenient to purchase food at a store or directly from producers. If you want to go out for dinner, you will find typical Canadian restaurant fare and several restaurants that serve ethnic foods, such as Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Italian, and Thai.

Health & Wellness

You do not need to travel to access the same health and wellness services found in big cities. Complementary health services are available across the county, such as massage therapy, physiotherapy, day spas, and counselling.


National and regional newspapers, such as The Globe and Mail, National Post, and Toronto Star, are delivered throughout St. Thomas-Elgin. Many communities also have their own newspaper that reports local stories and events:


National radio stations can be access in St. Thomas-Elgin, such as CBC Radio 93.5FM, along with local radio stations, including:

  • My FM Radio 94.1 FM – a St. Thomas station which can be heard in Central Elgin and Southwold
  • De Brigj Radio 105.9 FM– a radio station from the Mennonite Community Services in Aylmer with programing in Low German, Spanish and English


Television and high-speed internet services are offered across the county by several telecommunications companies, including Rogers, Bell, and Shaw. Contact providers for more information about rates and packages.


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