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Jobs in St. Thomas-Elgin

Newcomers arrive with different education and work experiences and finding work in your desired field will depend on many factors. Manufacturing has always been an important sector in the local economy, currently accounting for 23% of total jobs in the area. However, communities have been diversifying their economies by prioritizing high-growth areas, such as creative industries, food and agri-business, green innovation, and tourism. Businesses in our region require skilled professionals and dedicated workers to succeed, creating job opportunities for hard-working and flexible employees.

Where to Look

Many newcomers focus on online job postings when looking for work. Some jobs can be found on local websites, such as Employment Services Elgin Job Board or Fanshawe College’s Southwestern Ontario Jobs Board, while larger employers may also post on national sites, such as Monster, Indeed, or Jobs Canada. All local online job postings are also aggregated on the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board's Job Board. 

However, according to a recent local study, only some employers in St. Thomas-Elgin advertised using online job boards in comparison to using informal networks and referrals. Local employment services that are familiar with employers in the area may help you learn about jobs that are not posted online.

If you are a healthcare professional, see I am a Healthcare Professional.

How to Apply

Generally, employers in St. Thomas-Elgin request:

  • A cover letter describing how your education and previous work experience relates to the job,
  • A resume documenting your education and work experience chronologically, and
  • Foreign credential assessments (if relevant to the position).

If you have completed any education or training overseas, you may need to have your credentials assessed before you can start work. You can find more about foreign credential assessment requirements on the Government of Ontario website. WILL Access (formerly the Access Centre for Regulated Employment) also guides workers in southwestern Ontario through these processes.

Once you are ready to apply to jobs, you will discover there are many differences between a Canadian-style resume and a CV or international resume. For example, Canadian resumes should not include a photograph or any demographic information, such as your age, gender, or marital status. Local employment service agencies, such as Employment Services Elgin and Fanshawe College Career and Employment Services, provide free assistance to job seekers and can help you create a Canadian-style resume.

The next stage of the hiring process is to attend an interview with the employer. Some employers may be willing to conduct an initial interview via telephone or video call if you do not currently live in the area. Local employment service agencies in St. Thomas-Elgin are familiar with local hiring practices and can help you prepare for interviews.

Settling In

If you have accepted a job offer in St.Thomas-Elgin – congratulations! You will find helpful information about life in St. Thomas-Elgin in the Explore the Area section and on the Resource pages. We look forward to welcoming you into our community.


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