Gabriel & Doris Chordekar

Owners of Shebaz’s Shawarma & Falafel / Port Stanley

Gabriel and Doris Chordekar's journey to their new life in Port Stanley began through a series of moves within India, Israel, and other parts of Canada. Port Stanley was one of several small town options they considered in southwestern Ontario, but immediately chose this beachside town after falling in love during their first visit.

Local residents warmly welcomed the Chordekar family and happily support their new business, Shebaz's Shawarma & Falafel, which provides local residents and beach tourists with a global food experience unlike anything else in the area.


Where can we live our dream?

Running a food business was a dream for the Chordekars, who came to Canada with extensive food industry experience. They were able to realize this dream in Elgin County, as Doris explains.

Will our children succeed?

Gabriel and Doris wondered how their children would adjust to a smaller community and what resources a rural school could offer. They were pleasantly surprised by what they discovered.

Who can help us?

Even with international experience, Gabriel and Doris wanted help to create a successful business plan. They reached out to local organizations that help entrepreneurs, including newcomers and immigrants.


Elgin County
City of St.Thomas
YW St.Thomas
Province of Ontario