Iin Carder

St.Thomas-Elgin General Hospital Foundation Clerk

Originally from Indonesia, Iin moved to St. Thomas with her Canadian-born husband and started a family. After attending college to change careers, she found a fulfilling job with the St.Thomas-Elgin Hospital Foundation team.


Welcome from Iin

Meet Iin Carder, a St. Thomas resident originally from Jakarta, Indonesia.

What will people think of my culture?

Iin loves food. When neighbours and co-workers in St. Thomas began asking to try her cooking, she was more than happy to share specialities from Indonesia and teach others about her home country.

Can I start a new career?

As a former teacher in Indonesia, Iin wanted to start a new career once her children were old enough to attend elementary school. Her role at the local hospital helps her give back to the community she calls home.

How will I make new friends?

Other than her husband, Iin didn't know anyone when she moved to St. Thomas. Now she has her own social network, thanks to friendly people she has met in many places.

Iin's Advice to You

Iin offers some final opinions on life in St. Thomas, including family-friendly activities, diversity, and welcoming attitudes towards newcomers.


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