Malichi Male

Musician / Brand Specialist

Musician and brand specialist, Malichi Male, took a wrong turn on the way to a performance and arrived in St. Thomas. While driving around the city, he fell in love with the mix of urban amenities and community feel, reminding him of his childhood home in Uganda. After doing internet research on the low cost of living and quality of life in the city, he moved with his wife and children and hasn't looked back since.

Local residents know Malichi as a warm, caring, and passionate member of the community. Listen to Malichi's opinions on raising a family, running a business, and feeling safe and valued in his new Canadian home.


Will my children love it?

Malichi wanted to be sure St. Thomas could offer his children the quality of life they deserved - activities, parks, festivals, and new experiences to help them learn and grow.

Will Moving Impact My Business?

As a self-employed professional, Malichi wondered whether moving to St. Thomas would impact his business prospects. He quickly learned our area has great support and funding for entrepreneurial immigrants like him.

What About Racism?

Moving outside of major cities often makes people wonder if racism will be an issue or if they will feel isolated as a visible minority. St.Thomas made Malichi and his family feel right at home.

Malichi's Advice to You

Malichi offers some final thoughts on his experience in St. Thomas, including why he thinks this a great place for newcomers from many different countries, including his home country of Uganda.


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City of St.Thomas
YW St.Thomas
Province of Ontario